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Thursday, April 12, 7 pm at Galvin auditorium in Sullivan Center on the campus of Loyola University (6339 N. Sheridan Rd. Chicago, IL, 60626)

Joe Biel of Microcosm Publishing and Boxcar Books will be showing his documentary film on zines - $100 and a T-Shirt. The film is a cultural analysis of what causes zine makers to tick; what the hell zines are, why people make zines, the origin of zines, the resources and community available for zine makers, and the future of zines. It features interviews with about 70 zine makers, ex-zine makers, and readers from the northwest.

Following the film will be a panel discussion on zines featuring Liz Mason (Quimby's/Caboose Zine), Billy Roberts (Loop Distro/Proof I Exist), Kelsey Snell (The Machine Media), Al Burian (Burn Collector), Alicia Dorr (Random Life In Progress), and Aaron Cynic (Fall of Autumn/Diatribe Zine).

This is completely free!
First, a big thank you to our judges; Jeremy Robert Johnson, Dan Halligan and Robyn Charles, we all appreciate your time and hope you enjoyed reading everyone's pieces.

Now, for our winners:

First Place: "A History Of Disappearances" Wendy Spacek is our grand prize winner and will be receiving their entry reprinted in the summer issue of our Quarterly print zine and fallofautumn.com's main site, a one Year subscription to Verbicide Magazine, courtesy of Scissor Press, $20 Gift Certificate to Fall of Autumn, a handmade journal from Robyn Charles, a Zine Grab Bag and a tube of handmade organic vegan lip balm by Kate Sandler!

Second Place: "The Tainted" Sharon L. Pruitt is our runner-up winner and will be receiving their entry reprinted on fallofautumn.com's main site, a $10 Gift Certificate to Fall of Autumn, a handmade journal from Robyn Charles, a Zine Grab Bag and a tube of handmade organic vegan lip balm by Kate Sandler!

Third Place: "The Redemption of Thomas McMann" Caroline Tigeress is our third-place winner and will be receiving their entry reprinted on fallofautumn.com's main site, a handmade journal from Robyn Charles, a Zine Grab Bag and a tube of handmade organic vegan lip balm by Kate Sandler!
It has been five years since I said, "Hey, there should be some sort of comprehensive DIY resource for zines," and someone said to me, "You will never be able to steal enough photocopies for the demand that would have." Five years (and 17,000 copies!) later, Stolen Sharpie Revolution has surpassed many zines and zine distros in age. It has gone from a 96-page pamphlet with stapled-on covers and inserts to a 128-page paperback book. Copies of Stolen Sharpie Revolution have been given as gifts, traveled the world, inspired others to create similar projects, and used as classroom texts at universities (which I find particularly amusing because I'm a two-time college drop out).

A lot has changed for me in five years. I have since quit working for Microcosm Publishing, and when looking for a new place to publish the 4th edition of Stolen Sharpie Revolution, I had a few offers. I chose to work with my friends at the Fall of Autumn collective. I met and talked with Aaron, Kate and Alan when I was in Chicago and I think they are all awesome people with a really unique and innovative, yet grounded perspective in zines and zine culture. I thought they were a good fit for the new edition.

So, I plan on getting to work updating SSR for the fourth printing this summer and I would love your input! I'm looking for zine distro listings, zine libraries, places that do zine reviews, stores that sell zines, online zine resources, zine events, or any other thing that you think should be included. I'm also really interested in SSR being a more international resource, so if anyone has any postal information from outside the USA they would like to share, let me know.

E-mail me at

I'd also like to thank everyone who has continued to make SSR the great resource that it is. Here's hoping for many more years! -Alex Wrekk

For one week in April, three intrepid folks are going to hop in a station wagon from Minneapolis to New York City and read from their collected works. They promise this: they'll read some entertaining stories. It's not slam poetry. It's not dull. It's good stories told well. They don't barely bumble through them, they tell them.
CHICAGO - Feb. 6, 2007 - ZineWiki.com, a Web site devoted to zines, independent publications and their publishers, reached 1,000 articles in the first week of February, just seven months after the project first launched.

ZineWiki was created by Alan Lastufka and Kate Sandler to document the vibrant underground publishing world. The result has been an ever-growing guide to fanzines, chapbooks, zines and small-press publishers which The Portland Mercury said "could herald a new era of zines." Karl Wenclas, co-founder of the Underground Literary Alliance, has called ZineWiki "a sign of new life."

From the desk of Jason Kucsma and Jen Angel:

First, we'd like to thank everyone for the well-wishes and concern you've shared with us following the announcement that Clamor would be ceasing publication.

Today we are writing to ask you to help us protect and sustain Clamor's closest allies:

Just Seeds, Left Turn Magazine, Spread Magazine, Critical Moment, Alternative Press Review, Infoshop.org, Faesthetic, Vegan Freak, and Left Out all use the online infoshop we've built over the last few years.

From Punk Planet Magazine to ZineWiki.com comes exclusive online content from the archives of Chicago's punk zine laureate. Today, ZineWiki - the open-source encyclopedia of all things independent publishing and small press - makes available online the first of many Punk Planet articles, a roundtable discussion interview of top zine librarians entitled "Unofficial Histories: Zine and Ephemeral Print Archivists," by Anne Elizabeth Moore.

The Fall of Autumn Quarterly (FAQ) is a free publication, printed once every three months (hopefully) featuring both a journal section of articles, interviews and reviews contributed by zinesters and other writers, and an abridged paper catalog for the Fall of Autumn distro titles.

Our first issue (Oct. 2006) features a five-page special entitled, “Plagiarists, Stalkers and other Headfuckery” contributed by Nine of 'if destroyed still true' zine. The first issue is twelve pages long and also includes a few zine reviews, contact information for requesting additional free copies for your distro/library, guidelines on how to submit an article/Letters to the Editor, and our catalog.

To those who've already subscribed, your copies will all be mailed out on Monday.

Over the next few weeks, the FAQ will be available for free (or browsing) at the following store fronts and zine libraries:

You can have the FAQ delivered to your home/PO Box for free. Simply send your mailing address to “alan AT fallofautumn DOT com” and mention the quarterly, or use this handy email form here.

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