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Our Attack on the "Creative Class."

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Richard Florida's ill-deserved celebrity in the past decade suggests that the marketplace of ideas, although ostensibly far removed from that of base commodities, is no less susceptible to gimmicks and shysters. To wit, Florida has simply repackaged established economic models, albeit with a new-- and problematic-- veneer of novelty. Several valid social and economic arguments have been articulated in opposition to his 'Creative Class' model, but none have yet challenged Florida on aesthetic grounds. The following article sketches the contours of that argument, which is predicated on a fundamental antipathy between aestheticism and economic rationality.

If, like many people, the idea of the living dead walking the Earth isn't a question of "if," but a question of "when," you're going to need the proper tools to help you get by when you eventually end up losing your frontal lobe. Thankfully, Natalie Slater of Bake and Destroy has brought us The Joy of Cooking Humans.

Not terribly long ago, Aaron was going through some of the zines in his collection and stumbled upon this fabulous mini-zine by Emerson Dameron. Mortality was written in 2004, possibly at the Allied Media Conference in Bowling Green Ohio. Many copies were made and given out, but it has long since been out of print. We are happy and proud to make it available for download.

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