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(Epitaph Records) (CD)

Trade in your skateboards and pick up a banjo. At least that's what all the cool kids are doing these days. With guys like Against Me! and William Elliott Whitmore, among others, slowing it down and folking it up, Greg Graffin has jumped on the bandwagon. Not that Greg really jumps on bandwagons. He's usually discussing the obsoleteness of the wagon as a form of state oppression. But hey, after making 150 albums that roughly sound the same (albeit still fantastic) I think I'd like to try something a little different myself.

Word on the street is that cold as the clay came from Mr. Greg's upbringing of family sing-a-longs. A precursor to his famous ooz'in aah's perhaps. The 11 songs are good heartfelt Americana. Graffin's voice over a backup band consisting of members of Canadias Weakerthans. (A spectacular combination.) Five of the eleven are Graffin originals while the remaining are reworked traditional numbers. Don't be scared when the Bad Religionist is singing spiritual on "One More Hill" he's just singing his roots. All in all, a super tight album. I know anyone who's a Bad Religion obsessive will pick this up regardless but I suggest the rest of yas giving this a try. Maybe it will broaden your horizons for a half hour or so, or maybe you'll get these classics stuck in your head all day.

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