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Dead Voices on Air - From Labrador to Madagascar (Invisible Records) (CD)

When I first pushed "From Labrador to Madagascar" into my CD player, I had no idea who Mark Spybey was. I still may only have a vague idea. Mark may do a better job of describing his music than I, or at least what it's not. "This is not ambient chill-out, nor is it music for wallpaper. It is organic, eclectic improvisation, cut up and spat out..." reads his description for dead voices on air. Normally, my consumption of ambient music is strictly for wallpaper or chilling out. He's right - dead voices on air is organic, eclectic improvisation - and that's just for starters.

The record combines some of the harshest, most obnoxious elements of noise with beautiful ambient sounds. At some points, one might even say ambient music. "From Labrador to Madagascar" is more than that though - it is nightmarish and terrifying, eerie and beautiful, and hauntingly sublime. Spybey creates a sonic landscape made from the whir of machines, breezy electronic compositions and blips, rhythmic drumming, the sounds of nature, and so much more. "From Labrador to Madagascar" allows the listener to make what he/she wants of it and at the same time bores its way into your very consciousness. I can only say that dead voices on air are like the space between conscious thinking and a trance state.

Overall: 4 out of 5 with a catch. If you're not into an unconventional listening experience, steer clear. If you want to walk on the wild side of what I can only call experimental ambient noise fusion, then grab this record now.
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