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Home arrow Filmstrips arrow Punk Planet magazine says farewell

When I arrived home this evening from a long day at work, I had this sad news in my mailbox:

Dear Friends,

As much as it breaks our hearts to write these words, the final issue of Punk Planet is in the post, possibly heading toward you right now. Over the last 80 issues and 13 years, we've covered every aspect of the financially independent, emotionally autonomous, free culture we refer to as "the underground..." ...Benefit shows are no longer enough to make up for bad distribution deals, disappearing advertisers, and a decreasing audience of subscribers...
(Read the full text here)

I'm reserving more in depth commentary for another time, but I would like to say that I personally owe Punk Planet (and more than likely, you do to) more than a simple debt of gratitude. For more years than I can remember I read PP whenever I could, soaking in multitudes of not only great music writing, but great social commentary and political writing as well. It is a shame that another great independent publication that gave the world so many good articles and interviews goes under because of financial troubles.

Punk Planet was not only responsible for giving me a more in depth look at a culture which I love dearly, but the magazine turned me onto many different perspectives and ideas that I might have otherwise missed. I'm sure I'm not the only one to say that you will be missed.
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