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Hey everyone - just a heads up. As you might have noticed, our messageboard is currently down. If you were wondering, this is because it costs us alot of money to host and we haven't paid our dues. Basically, we had to pull it right now for lack of funds. We're debating here, at FOA about what to do regarding this matter and really would love your input.

The board really doesn't get alot of traffic, so we're not sure if we want to keep paying for something that doesn't get used alot. We'd much rather put those funds towards other projects. However, we also don't want to just drop the board completely, because we do love giving everyone the opportunity to sound off on what's published on our site as well as whatever they feel like.

Messageboards are a community, and in the spirit of community, we'd like to put the question to you. Take a look at the options, and then shoot a message to and let us know what you think! We'll be making our decision in the next two weeks, so that should give you all plenty of time to let us know. Here are our options:

1. Suck it up and pay the money for it. We've been doing it for two years already, why stop now?

2. Use a free PHBB type messageboard. It won't be as pretty or comprehensive, but at least it will be functional and serve the same purpose.

3. I've never really used the board and I didn't plan on it. Don't bother with either.

4. You had a messageboard?

Again, send your messages to .
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No matter how big or small your donatation; every penny will be put towards continu- ing Fall of Autumn's projects.
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