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Fall of Autumn.com presents Rose White reading from "Old Weird America #2: Postcards From The City." Rose finds herself in New York for this piece instead of last year's Detroit. Old Weird America #2 is available for $2 from our distro.
Signage: Fuck Off

I'M SITTING HERE right now watching the World Series and drinking a fine alcoholic beverage after an evening out with friends, and I'm making Little Fists of Rage. You can't see me, I know, due to the limitations of both space and time, but the Fists of Rage are there, trust me. The baseball and the beer are helping, but the Fists remain, and it's kind of hard to type - I think my Accavallo Rage Factor may be a record, actually. Why all this Rage? It all started with the campaign buttons. I was sitting on the bus with my wife The Duchess, heading into Manhattan, and I noticed a guy getting on the bus with a Kerry/Edwards button. By the time you read this, the election will be long over, but it doesn't make any difference. It's not the candidates that I'm against, it's the fucking signage.

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Fall of Autumn.com presents Cristy Road reading a selection from her book Indestructible. Cristy writes the perzine Green Zine, Indestructible is her first book, a coming-of-age collection of stories that give voice to every frustrated 15 year old girl under fire from her peers for being queer or butch or punk.

They're either the government's best kept secret agency, or just a few smart kids who like to talk over shots of whiskey. Either way, the intrepid men who call themselves the Viking Youth serve up doses of philosophical, witty banter on anything they can dream up. With the motto "quit dreaming like a pussy," the Vikings run the gamut, discussing and debating a variety of issues, from US foreign policy to celebrity culture to the metaphysical. They've podcasted from Burning Man, spent time with Daniel Pinchbeck, and even built a bus - aptly named Ragnarok.

Timezones and Statelines - a split zine with Alex Wrekk and Alan Lastufka.

A zine about the seasons.
imadethismistake - The Bonfire Club (Valiant Death) (7")

When I first spun this, I thought imadethismistake might have been a mistake on my part. Kylewilliam Campol's nasal sounding vocals coupled with the stripped down sound of the EP took a little getting used to. I gave the record another spin, then another, and soon The Bonfire Club grew on me.
Forgetting about the exact terminology and the who-said-what-first of it all for a moment, the notion of controlling one's own voice has been around for as long as voice itself—or, for that matter, notions themselves. That is to say, the concerns that guide the credo of the self-publisher are not new, or secret, or hidden. They weren't invented in the 1970s, the 1930s, or 1517. Self-publishing and zinemaking are rooted in simple, timeless concepts. They grew from the desire of individuals to produce their own voice without interference from others. One needn't be a punk-rocker, poor, under the age of twenty-four, feel desperately misunderstood by one's peers, or live in the basement of a parent to desire to both speak and to control the conditions under which one will be heard. One must simply want to be understood clearly, and be willing to accrue and utilize the necessary resources — which will be detailed for you in a moment.
Review by Aaron Cynic.

Conceived out of receiving a hole puncher in the mail, Christoph Meyer tells a beautiful short story about a ghost longing to rest in peace. In addition to a wonderful story about longing and soul searching, the text is accompanied by wonderful illustrations. Perfect for anyone who likes short zine comics, ghosts, or a good short story.

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or click here to get it on iTunes!

Fall of Autumn.com presents Dave Roche, fresh off the Thinkin' Stinkin' Rarely Drinkin' Tour, reading from his zine On Subbing. Dave describes his experiences as a sub in Portland's school system's special education classrooms.

For as long as Samantha had been able to call Jim her (totally platonic) best friend, he had had this shoebox painted pink on the top of the bookcase in his bedroom, and he would not tell her anything about it.

She had long since told him about how she had changed the grades in their senior math teacher's grade book in order to insure that she had never gotten anything but an A in high school - despite the fact that she did not understand calculus. She had also told him about how she couldn't decide if she'd lost her virginity to the captain of the hockey team or the captain of the tennis team, since it had all sort of happened at once. He knew all that garbage, but he wouldn't show her what was in the box. Jim would only shrug. She liked Jim because he shrugged a lot. That is, he didn't talk so much, and let her talk. That's what she liked.
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